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The eco-friendly replacement for nappies

                                     💛A leakproof solution for days or nights

                                     💛Wash and dry beautifully 

                                     💛Soft and comfortable to wear

                                     💛Free custom fitting


Fully leakproof, these pants have a soft inner layer that wicks moisture away from your child’s skin, ensuring comfort all night long. 
Absorbency can be customised to suit your child by simply popping our natural cotton/bamboo inserts into the hidden pocket. 
Absorbency is purchased separately here


The perfect solution

💛  To replace disposables day or night when used with absorbemailency in the pocket
💛  For car trips, sleepovers or naps over a pair of our training briefs
💛  As swim nappies  (without added absorbency)

How many absorbent inserts will I need?

A good starter combination for a child who still fills a disposable at night is two of our inserts. You can also use cloth nappy inserts, or old style cloth flats.   We're happy to help advise about absorbency.

Which size should i choose?

We provide free custom fitting! Simply send us your child's details via the contact tab  for sizing help or if you would like this service once you've ordered. 

XS  : waist 40-58cm, leg 22-34cm     approx trouser size 1-2 
S    : waist 44-60cm, leg 26-36cm     approx trouser size 2/3
M   : waist 48-66cm, leg 28-38cm     approx trouser size 3/4
L     : waist 52-68cm, leg 33-46cm    approx trouser size 6/7
XL   : waist 56-85cm, leg 36-52cm    approx trouser size 10
XXL : waist 62-90cm, leg 40-56cm    approx trouser size 12

* XS and XXL available on request in most of the colours and prints pictured. Contact us to order. 

Our sizing page here provides more details of what we need. 

More information about using Disposables vs Cloth at night

Whilst cloth at night tends to be more bulky than disposable pullups ( we just can’t beat that gel for trimness), the ability to customise your own absorbency is a huge asset as your child moves towards night training.  The added bulk may be worth discussing with an older child before heading down this route.  Any night underwear that has enough absorbency for an older child's bladder capacity (300- 600ml)  AND will not leak, is going to be fairly bulky.

Some of the products on the market that claim to be suitable for nights, but only hold 100- 200ml and /or don't have a full waterproof outer, will most certainly leak quite a lot if your child does a decent wee without waking. Sometimes this is fine, if its not every night and you're up for the extra washing (our brolly sheets are fantastic!)

Unfortunately there is nothing 'magic' in the world of reusable night training products - we would love to be able to provide fully leakproof pants that are slimline like undies but its not physically possible. Our pullups are the most grown up looking fully waterproof pants on the market which are fully customisable absorbency-wise - so a great option for flexibility as your child becomes dry at night. If your child is heading away to a camp and you need some ideas as to how to manage, contact us directly and we can talk through this with you.

See our blog post about Night Training for more info

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Very happy 😊

Best Reusable Pull-ups

My 3yr old is toilet trained but still needs a nappy at night. She hates regular cloth nappies and says they hurt and are uncomfortable. We've tried several brands of reusable pull-ups for night time and these are hands-fown her favourite and the most comfortable. They can be stuffed with as much absorbency as you want but are stretchy any comfy around her legs and tummy. Totally recommend these!

Great pants

Comfortable, and provided we put good absorbency in they don’t leak. Much better than the washable bait cover we were using previously. Our preschooler really likes being able to put them up and down herself