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Pullups are a brilliant, 'easy to wash and dry' replacement for disposable nappies.  Each has a pocket that can hold 2-3 inserts, which are sold separately here. Pullups are fully leakproof, with a soft microfleece inner layer that wicks moisture away from your child’s skin, ensuring comfort all night long. 

To ensure that you get the right fit for your child, it's important to make sure they fall easily into the measurement range for the size ordered :   

  • *XS : waist 40-58cm, leg 22-34cm  approx trouser size 1-2 
  • S   : waist 44-60cm, leg 26-36cm  approx trouser size 2/3
  • M  : waist 48-66cm, leg 28-38cm  approx trouser size 3/4
  • L   : waist 52-68cm, leg 33-46cm  approx trouser size 6/7
  • XL : waist 54-85cm, leg 34-52cm  approx trouser size 8/10
  • *XXL : waist 62-90cm, leg 40-56cm approx trouser size 10/12

* XS and XXL available on request in most of the colours and prints pictured. Contact us to order. 

We can customize Pullups to fit a child whose measurements don't fall easily into the above range, and we are also happy to advise on best size if you're not sure.  Our sizing page here provides more details of what we need. 

As well as replacing disposables day or night, Pullups are perfect for car trips, sleepovers, and other occasions when you need extra protection. They can be worn over our briefs-style training pants for added protection, or on their own, with absorbency to suit.

A good starter combination for a child who still fills a disposable at night is two inserts that hold around 200-300ml each, so a total of 600ml absorbency which is equivalent to two decent wees . You can also use cloth nappy inserts, old style cloth flats, or even absorbent fabrics such as tea towels or bamboo cloths. Just ask if you'd like help to choose.

Pullups that fit snugly and have enough absorbency in the pocket will work as well if not better than a disposable. Don't hesitate to get in contact if we can help advise on any part of the reusable journey - we know all the tricks to make it worthwhile!


Disposables vs Cloth at night

Whilst cloth at night tends to be more bulky than disposable pullups ( we just can’t beat that gel for trimness), the ability to customise your own absorbency is a huge asset as your child moves towards night training.  The added bulk may be worth discussing with an older child before heading down this route.  Any night underwear that has enough absorbency for an older child's urine production (300- 600ml)  AND will not leak, is going to be fairly bulky.

Some of the products on the market that claim to be suitable for nights, but only hold 100- 200ml and /or don't have a full waterproof outer, will most certainly leak quite a lot if your child does a decent wee without waking.  Unfortunately there is nothing 'magic' in the world of reusable night training products - we would love to be able to provide fully leakproof pants that are slimline like undies but its not physically possible. Our pullups are the most grown up looking fully waterproof pants on the market which are fully customisable absorbency-wise - so a great option for flexibility as your child becomes dry at night. if your child is heading away to a camp and you need some ideas as to how to manage, contact us directly and we can talk through this with you.

See our blog post about Night Training for more info



Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
They work!

We had struggled with finding an overnight nappy which actually worked, and these have hit the mark. Extra bonus that they are a pull-up style, perfect for my son as he is potty training. Wonderful service from Jenny, who checks in to be sure of sizing before they are made and dispatched, which was so appreciated! We had been using reusables before, so the little bit of bulk isn’t a problem for us. And be aware that it takes a couple of washes before the inners really start to absorb properly, so don’t make the call that they don’t work too early!

Game changer nighttime pull-ups

I’ve been after reusable pull-ups for night time use for a while and came across these. They definately exceeded my expectations and absolutely no leaks (when using appropriate absorbancy). My 3.5 year old feels happy wearing them and I like the soft fleece used on the inside. Whilst they do have a slightly bulky profile this is no different really to reusable night time nappies I feel it is worth that trade off when compared to disposables. I’ll definately be getting more for when my son starts his nighttime pull up journey.

Great instead of disposibles

This waterproof cover works well for our 5 year old who was not waking when she wet in disposable pull ups. We use with the padded underwear underneath and she feels more confident in this than a nappy. Hopefully using these will help get her to wake up when she is wet as she is quite a deep sleeper. Have used them for a week or so and contains most of the liquid, occasionally leaks out onto the brolly sheet. You will need a couple of these, but they do dry relatively quickly. Jenny was super helpful with sizing and other tips via email.

Hi Natalie, thanks for your review! Sounds like you may need a little more absorbency than the briefs inside the PUL cover for nighttime. You could add an absorbent insert inside the cover, or you may like to try one of the Pullups with the pocket.
(NB review is for a custom PUL cover - similar to the Pullups but without a pocket for absorbency)