The Struggle of Night Training
May 28, 2023

The Struggle of Night Training

For many children, night training occurs well past day training age. In any class at school its unlikely that they will be the only one struggling with this issue. This can be embarrassing for them so its worth talking through the fact that its often just the way their body is made rather than anything to do with how grown up/smart/keen they are to achieve night dryness.  Its also worth reading through some of the experts advice to make sure there is nothing 'fixable' causing night incontinence. I highly recommend reading the free advice given by Peter Grise at if you'd like some great info on this topic. Buzzers/dryness  programs can be a good option once your child is old enough to be motivated and cope with the process.


Products for Nighttime

Brolly sheets are worth their weight in gold for all children. having one as a backup is really useful so that you can make the bed up twice and just strip one layer off leaving a full setup intact underneath for those 2 am leaks!

Any night underwear that has enough absorbency for an older child's urine production (300- 600ml)  AND will not leak, is going to be fairly bulky and require a full waterproof outer. These facts mean that there is nothing on the market here in NZ or overseas that is a magic solution for a child who still fills a disposable at night and doesn't wake even when in normal undies (its worth trying this to make sure they haven't become subconsciously aware of the security of a nappy). Some of the products on the market that claim to be suitable for nights, but only hold 100- 200ml and /or don't have a full waterproof outer, will most certainly leak quite a lot if your child does a decent wee without waking.  Our Shorties are a great product once a child starts showing signs of night training ( having some dry nights, wetting slightly less or waking sometimes when they wet). These have a pad that holds double that of other comparable shorts style training pants on the market. 

Our Pullups have been designed to replace a disposable and are worth considering if your child is leaking through, or no longer fitting a disposable, or if they want something that doesn't look quite so nappy-like.  maybe the biggest bonus is that you'll no longer be contributing disposables to landfill and also saving money on purchasing them too!

Whilst cloth at night tends to be more bulky than disposable pullups ( we just can’t beat that gel for trimness), the ability to customise your own absorbency is a huge asset as your child moves towards night training.  The added bulk may be worth discussing with an older child before heading down this route.  

Coping with School Camps

If your child is heading away to a camp it is worth planning ahead and trying some options out well before they go.  We have waterproof sleeping bag liners that are great as a backup. Letting a caring teacher or camp parent know that your child may need support is a good idea, along with setting up a system so that they can put on nightwear without others knowing and manage it the next morning when they get up. Using a product that you know absorbs enough for their needs, which they are familiar with using, is very important, even if this ends up being a disposable product to ensure its as trim as possible under their nightwear.  

Do contact us for a chat if you need to talk through the options for your child. We are very happy to help.