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A++++ service

Amazing helpfully lady I've even put in another order already!

Perfect Fit

Absolutely thrilled with these kids' training pants! The sizing was spot-on, thanks to the seller's proactive confirmation, highlighting their excellent customer service. The overall experience was seamless, and the pants exceeded expectations in both fit and quality. A definite recommendation for parents seeking hassle-free and top-notch training pants.

Great underwear for added protection

We're very happy with our new big kids pants! They are giving our child extra confidence and catch everything that needs to not be noticed. We call them our comfy undies because the soft microfleece is soft on the skin!

Very good quality training pants.

Thanks Jenny for her excellent customer service. Highly recommended.


These have been great for my 5 year old starting school! They are giving her the confidence she needs and have helped eliminate her worries about having accidents in front of others.

Excellent product

Very good quality training pants.

They work!

We had struggled with finding an overnight nappy which actually worked, and these have hit the mark. Extra bonus that they are a pull-up style, perfect for my son as he is potty training. Wonderful service from Jenny, who checks in to be sure of sizing before they are made and dispatched, which was so appreciated! We had been using reusables before, so the little bit of bulk isn’t a problem for us. And be aware that it takes a couple of washes before the inners really start to absorb properly, so don’t make the call that they don’t work too early!

The panties are working well for my 4 year old that is already potty trained. She just sleeps in them. Just in case there is a small accident at night.

The service was excellent. Super helpful and fast.

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Set H

The product is perfect and good for training kids. It does holds pee like reusable nappy. Product has good quality. However the product was advertised 9 pairs with specific letter for each set so I understand it as sold per set with 12NZD but when I received it only one item. Maybe it would be better if you will advertise it per piece because I'm thinking I will receive 9pcs for 12NZD based on advertisement.

Thanks so much for your review of our pants.

Due to the number of items that have been in our limited time clearance section we can’t list individually, but hope it’s clearer reading the text. We appreciate your very relevant suggestion.

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Training pants

All fantastic. Fast shipping and good quality. Sorry no photos. All in the washing machine.


Thank you so much. Excellent service and product.

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Fantastic product

We purchased 4 of the training undies for our 4yr old son. The service was amazing helping us with sizing and choosing the right undie. My son loves them, they are soft and comfy . They stop pants getting wet and we found they dry well in winter inside with the heat pump on overnight. We will be buying more. Totally recommend.

Clearance - day training pants
Great fit

They have great padding to minimise leakage and a great fit to make toddler comfortable to run around or bike and wear easily under pants

Great, discrete option for older wetter

These pants have been wonderful for our 6.5 year old boy. They have given him (and us) increased confidence during the daytime. Jenny worked to get the perfect fit for him and he now wears them happily. They seem to help a bit with urine smells too, which haven’t been as strong since he has been wearing them. We highly recommend these!

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Maggie J.
Perfect Kickstart!

Wanted to wait until I’d tried them to write a review. I’ve been struggling to gain any momentum with potty training my little girl. These are a great step up from running around in the nude in the colder months! 😆 I love the pretty prints - can use them to encourage not wetting. I probably needed to get custom sizing for my daughter (she’s very petite), as they don’t fit around her legs very well and therefore leak. But can’t complain as a trial run for half the price! I’ll custom size them myself. 😊 Thanks for an awesome product!

What a fantastic product. My daughter has issues with incontince due to constipation and the incontince pants have given her that extra support when is needed and the extra absorbcy has been a peace of mind knowing she has that extra bit of protection of any leakage issues. Thanks for a brilliant product and top notch customer service with keeping me in the loop of delivery dates. Highly recommend this product and business .

Clearance - day training pants
Amazing products and excellent service.

These training pants are amazing, great quality (absorbent) so many different colors and prints to choose from. Best customer service- Jenny is amazing, she messaged me to check the sizes and sent beautiful prints for our wee guy. Quick delivery as well. Highly recommend the products and the service.

Awesome product

These incontinence undies for my child who has a bowel condition have been a lifesaver. Highly recommend!

Thank you! We’ve only been using the day undies with micro fleece upper layer for a week or two. My boy says they are very comfy and they do seem to help cut down on smells too.

Great buy

Excellent service. The pants are fantastic quality. Son loves them.

Amazing product + Service

Ordered a few online. was quick to get a call / text to ask for my babies measurements to custom fit my baby... so cool. 5 stars for service and 5 stars for produt!

Absolutely love these

These have been so good for our little girl who started going toilet, but absolutely freaked out every time she had an accident. Before using your training pants, each accident meant she was back in nappies and refused any undies and stopped using the toilet. Now with your training pants she feels more confident and doesn't freak out when she does have the odd accident. Such a great in between option while starting to go toilet. Lovely soft materials cute designs. Thank you!

Big kids pants

Great fabric loved the sloth and cheetah design . Love the custom measurements option. Arrived within 2 days. Malakai wet them and was able to change into a dry pair and no leakage. Highly recommend to everyone.

Game changer nighttime pull-ups

I’ve been after reusable pull-ups for night time use for a while and came across these. They definately exceeded my expectations and absolutely no leaks (when using appropriate absorbancy). My 3.5 year old feels happy wearing them and I like the soft fleece used on the inside. Whilst they do have a slightly bulky profile this is no different really to reusable night time nappies I feel it is worth that trade off when compared to disposables. I’ll definately be getting more for when my son starts his nighttime pull up journey.

I think the pants are great. Mason was keen to wear them at the start but not too sure now. But no accidents so far.