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Very happy 😊


So grateful to have something like this available to give my daughter more confidence while she’s at school. Much easier for clean up!

Very happy with our purchase, Murphy’s law, since having these pants we haven’t had a wet night.

Best Reusable Pull-ups

My 3yr old is toilet trained but still needs a nappy at night. She hates regular cloth nappies and says they hurt and are uncomfortable. We've tried several brands of reusable pull-ups for night time and these are hands-fown her favourite and the most comfortable. They can be stuffed with as much absorbency as you want but are stretchy any comfy around her legs and tummy. Totally recommend these!

Such a great investment!

These have been so amazing for my not quite night trained 6 year old daughter. She loves having these to wear rather than disposable pull ups and the designs are really cute.
They hold a small accident no worries and have worked well to wake her when they feel wet, encouraging her to use the bathroom and get changed if needed. 100% recommend!

Easy to order and easy to track especially for someone who doesn't order online often. Quick delivery.
My granddaughter loved them. Comfortable, good sizing and looks to be made really well with good quality materials.
Thank you

Great pants

Comfortable, and provided we put good absorbency in they don’t leak. Much better than the washable bait cover we were using previously. Our preschooler really likes being able to put them up and down herself

Great undies my granddaughter of 6 wet the bed an they held it all night 👌👌

10 out of 10 for these 👌👌

Really good product

Great product, comfortable and well made. Excellent, personal service. Recommended.

Best thing out!

Finally a product to help my older child. Years of dealing with encopresis, and embarrassment at school. These have given him so much more confidence. Jenny is also super helpful via email with any sizing tips. Thank you very much!

Very happy

We're so happy not to be contributing to the huge amount of nappies in landfill any more, thank you!
Very happy with the fit, service and absorbency. They're quite bulky, but I'm sure they have to be to be so effectively absorbent. Very happy!

Best toilet training undies out!

Highly recommend!!! Great product. Great quality and the sizes are so age flexible but don't interfere with absorbency (my older son tends to hold his bladder and then have big wees- but he doesn't leak through in these!) He has even started initiating toilet tries 🥹🥰

Giving Big Kids Positive Confidence

Thank you so much for your wonderful product for older kids. I wish I had known about you a lot earlier. My child absolutely loves it and feels alot more confident wearing them. Than you.

A++++ service

Amazing helpfully lady I've even put in another order already!

Perfect Fit

Absolutely thrilled with these kids' training pants! The sizing was spot-on, thanks to the seller's proactive confirmation, highlighting their excellent customer service. The overall experience was seamless, and the pants exceeded expectations in both fit and quality. A definite recommendation for parents seeking hassle-free and top-notch training pants.

Great underwear for added protection

We're very happy with our new big kids pants! They are giving our child extra confidence and catch everything that needs to not be noticed. We call them our comfy undies because the soft microfleece is soft on the skin!

Very good quality training pants.

Thanks Jenny for her excellent customer service. Highly recommended.


These have been great for my 5 year old starting school! They are giving her the confidence she needs and have helped eliminate her worries about having accidents in front of others.

Excellent product

Very good quality training pants.

They work!

We had struggled with finding an overnight nappy which actually worked, and these have hit the mark. Extra bonus that they are a pull-up style, perfect for my son as he is potty training. Wonderful service from Jenny, who checks in to be sure of sizing before they are made and dispatched, which was so appreciated! We had been using reusables before, so the little bit of bulk isn’t a problem for us. And be aware that it takes a couple of washes before the inners really start to absorb properly, so don’t make the call that they don’t work too early!

The panties are working well for my 4 year old that is already potty trained. She just sleeps in them. Just in case there is a small accident at night.

The service was excellent. Super helpful and fast.

Clearance - day training pants
Set H

The product is perfect and good for training kids. It does holds pee like reusable nappy. Product has good quality. However the product was advertised 9 pairs with specific letter for each set so I understand it as sold per set with 12NZD but when I received it only one item. Maybe it would be better if you will advertise it per piece because I'm thinking I will receive 9pcs for 12NZD based on advertisement.

Thanks so much for your review of our pants.

Due to the number of items that have been in our limited time clearance section we can’t list individually, but hope it’s clearer reading the text. We appreciate your very relevant suggestion.

Clearance - Shorties
Training pants

All fantastic. Fast shipping and good quality. Sorry no photos. All in the washing machine.


Thank you so much. Excellent service and product.

Clearance - day training pants
Fantastic product

We purchased 4 of the training undies for our 4yr old son. The service was amazing helping us with sizing and choosing the right undie. My son loves them, they are soft and comfy . They stop pants getting wet and we found they dry well in winter inside with the heat pump on overnight. We will be buying more. Totally recommend.