About Us

As a Mum of five children, I came up with the idea of these pants over 14 years ago, to save my floor from puddles!    

These pants proved so useful that Big Kids Training Pants was born. 

        The original testers... a few years on but no easier to get a good photo!


What are Big Kids Pants?

These pants are REAL undies, with the addition of a pad which has;

  • A 100% cotton flannel upper layer to allow your child to feel wetness.         
  • Quality 100% cotton towelling layers to catch a wee 
  • A quality, noiseless, waterproof, yet breathable layer to help prevent leaks


Why use Big Kids Pants?                                                                          

  • Kids LOVE wearing real undies  
  • They don't feel like nappies, unlike other training pants
  • Less cleanup after an accident, save floors and furniture
  • They allow the child to recognise wetness, helping the training process
  • They are easy to wash and dry
  • Our environment benefits from reduced disposables going into landfill


Contact us on jenny@bigkidspants.co.nz

Contact mobile NZ 0275 987 617