Our Story



 As a Mum of five, I started making these pants when my own kids were toilet training. I just couldn't find anything on the market that looked like real undies, fitted easily under their clothing and mopped up enough wee to make cleanup a lot easier. The fact disposables contribute to the deterioration of our environment meant that reusable options were a win for our planet and also a win for our bank balance. 


        The original testers... a few years on but no easier to get a good photo!

Having a science/medical background has been a  huge help in the product design, testing and trialing of new products, which have been developed and sewn right here in the Waikato. Many hours of sewing have been done whilst our household slept. It was my peaceful place after the day's chaos. 

I've only managed to put the needle through my finger once ( at midnight, just after the first covid lockdown started ) and thankfully it didn't need a hospital visit but I learned that listening to music is better than trying to watch Netflix whilst sewing!

Our range of products now covers all stages of training. We have also designed incontinence products for children who are coping with a variety of medical  conditions.  We make thoughtfully designed, easy-to-use products that wash and dry well, high-quality products that solve real-life problems.  

One of our passions is helping children of all ages feel more confident so that they can cope with incontinence or start down the training journey without embarrassment. Getting them out of disposables, or undies that leak if they have an accident is so worthwhile and boosts their confidence about life.

The bigger picture for Big Kids Pants as a Kiwi-owned small business, is to do our best along our journey to support others. For the last 14 years, we've sponsored children through an amazing organisation called Tear Fund. You can read about some of our journey with Berry here  

Closer to home we help out with sewing projects and products for families who need some help.