Incontinence/Day Training Pants for older kids


Many children still have continence problems at school. We have helped a lot of kids feel more confident about coping with what can be an embarrassing problem.  These briefs style pants are great for helping your child to cope with incontinence or soiling issues. With a large pad sewn into normal briefs these look and feel more like undies than most training pants or nappies.

The pads have two layers of absorbency and a waterproof lower layer which holds a small wee. For children who just void small amounts we recommend reducing the thickness of the pad (just contact us and we can advise). If your child needs more absorbency our Shorties style pants hold greater volume.

We can customise the pad :

Choose flannel for children who are actively training and can respond and change when they wet.

Choose microfleece for children with constant bladder leakage, encopresis, soiling or sensitive skin as this wicks moisture away from the skin faster than flannel and also cleans easier with soiling accidents. 

 We are very happy to work with you, making pants to meet your child's needs. Quotes provided on request. 

We can add a customised pad to any pants (supplied by you or sourced by us).