Absorbent inserts for Pocket Pullups or Clever Wee Fox Training Pants


Pocket Pullup Inserts

These inserts are double layer flats which fold in half to create a four layer insert. An ideal startup combination for a light to medium wetter would be to use one of each type, with the cotton towelling closest to the child .) 

For a heavy wetter a good starting setup would be one cotton towelling insert on top and then two bamboo inserts underneath.

Choose from 

Cotton towelling /flannel insert - fast absorbing

Bamboo Terry insert - slower absorbing but trim for the amount absorbed.

We can size these to fit any pants. If you are ordering a Bedwetting Pocket Pullup we will make them to fit. Otherwise please specify size.


Clever Wee Fox Training pants inserts

A cotton towelling and bamboo terry flat which can be folded to give 4 layers of absorbency. These are sized to fit the Clever Wee Fox Training pants .