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The toilet training undies have played a huge role in helping me toilet train my daughter. I bought both the undies and the shorties for long trips, both products are amazing. Also A+++ for the customer service

A fantastic product. The nappy pants (Pullup) contain everything and the bed and pjs remain dry. I can’t recommend the product highly enough. We have tried so many products and this one is the first to actually work.

Your products are by far the best out there !

Our son has special needs and these training pants have been wonderful! This is the second lot we have purchased from Jenny, the first lot lasted a few years!

My son has been wearing the Shorties and Pullups the past few weeks and they are absolutely brilliant, he said they are soft and comfortable, and we find we are having drier nights and he's waking to go to the toilet more. We have tried many brands over the years and these are by far out favourite. 100% recommend Big Kids Pants!!

We have used the Bedwetting Pullups for our 3.5 year old this week. She has had no leaks at all - they are super absorbent! Very happy with them - as I have been with my previous purchases over years of training pants and night training pants. I'm really excited to not have to buy disposable nappy pants anymore.

They are the best. Great quality and so handy. Easy to wash and my daughter loves them too. They truly are a life saver :)

These training pants have been wonderful for our daughter and I highly recommend them! We haven't had any accidents on our floors, they've all been contained in the pants.

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The Struggle of Night Training

The Struggle of Night Training

For many children, night training occurs well past day training age. In any class at school its unlikely that they will be the only one struggling with this issue. This can be embarrassing for them so its worth talking through the fact that its often just the way their body is made rather than anything to do with how grown up/smart/keen they are to achieve night dryness. 

Its also worth reading through some of the experts advice to make sure there is nothing 'fixable' causing night incontinence. 

Is my child ready for daytime toilet training?

Is my child ready for daytime toilet training?

There are so many things to consider when you're thinking about daytime toilet training and it can become quite overwhelming to decide when to start. 

The average time it takes for a little one to train is around 3 months and in general children are usually 2-3 years of age before they are able to learn to control their bladder and bowel enough to daytime toilet train.


Bringing Light

Our dream for Berry UPDATED!

Our journey supporting an amazing young man in Indonesia has been both a challenge and pure joy for Big Kids Pants. 

We believe in using what we have to help others, and our many years sponsoring through Tear Fund have cemented the value of giving as part of doing business. 

Read on and be inspired by this young man's story!