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These are fantastic! My daughter is 8 and has a bladder condition that causes light leakage sometimes. We bought a set of underwear that she liked and then got them custom adapted. So they look like her other underwear, but have extra protection for those times when we know she’ll have trouble managing it. They’re so easy to use and the service was five star too. Thank you for making life easier for us! 

Sooo happy with the big kids training pants. My second purchase & by far the best product of its kind on the market. Quick delivery. Perfect - thank you  tmwing

These undies are so cool very happy with my purchase and such a great price for such a useful hand made nz made item STOKED thanks leilani43 

These are soooo the greatest! it just takes the stress out of toilet training! highly recommend to all that are undecided! nicandmik

Wonderful product, cannot recommend highly enough. Easy to use, wash and dry beautifully. heliatrope

**AA** Fantastic Training Pants - much better than using pullups! (much cheaper too!) wan2win

I bought ten pairs in the end, absolutely brilliant for toilet training, cannot recommend highly enough! janinekiwi

Jenny makes the BEST training pants. The teachers at my daughters crèche even commented on how much time and effort of cleaning etc the pants saved them! Great service and great product! THANKS!! cassandra

 Wonderful Undies! Super friendly and helpful seller. Many thanks for saving my carpet! wallflower2

Brilliant product (Im a second time buyer). Thanks again stmary

Pants are awesome; my wee girl loves them, and will definitely be recommending to all my friends. 10kairimu

What fantastic little undies my boy and I love them. Thank you jessie01

Wow these are awesome training pants. My 23mnth old loves her big girl pants so much she’s refusing to wear anything else on top! hulzer

Cool pants!! My son is much happier in these than the other types of training pants—he feels like a big boy. Thanks for a great product. loris2

Brilliant trader! Our little guy is so stoked with his pants that we had to battle him to get them to the wash! chrisange

 Wonderful trader. Love them soooo much! Really absorbent and comfy. Thank you :) hsk84

Brilliant product. Saves the puddles and has quick turnaround. Perfect for getting the boy out of nappies without having the mess while he learns. Bronte7723

This is such a great product, jenny was very helpful regarding our exact needs in choosing a product and the undies arrived quickly and are so comfortable our little girl didn't want to wear anything else! Great information sheet comes with them, I would happily recommend these to anyone starting the toilet training process!! Thankyou! eclecticlove

Absolutely brilliant product thank you! my daughter loves her special knickers! thack8

These pants are fantastic - beautifully made & extremely absorbent yet dry surprisingly fast. And fast friendly communication & postage too! Am about to order another set :) rj08

love love LOVE these undies. bought some when my son was toilet training for when we were leaving the house for long periods of time and have just bought some more now its time to start night time training. these are perfect to reduce the mess but still let him realise hes wet himself as they are not a nappy. thank you so much and i deff recommend to other buyers :) laurenrp

Get some, everyone! These are FANTASTIC, I've already ordered a second set. Great trader, great product. bopetophop

Thank you SO much for your training pants! We have tried everything and this is finally working for my son. We now know what to get when our daughter's time comes. Whole heartedly recommend! kateliza

My son kind of fell into toilet training, he saw the (normal) undies in the draw & wanted to try them. We didn't think he would stick with it as he wasn't really ready. He stuck with it tho & my the mess & the washing! Cue Big Kids Training Pants. So helpful with information & wow what a difference. It takes a couple of washes to get to full absorption but they work great from day 1. No more puddles! He LOVEs them & I can take him anywhere without worrying about taking a mop! Since he is only 2.5 & wasn't really ready it's been slow going but today he mastered putting them on himself....& 4 days ago he wanted to wear to bed! Eek! But only 1 wet night so far!!!! I am ordering more cause they are so slim & comfy for him I don't see us using normal undies until he is much bigger! Thank you BIG KIDS TRAINING PANTS for making this mum of 3's life soooo much easier! Joslyn

Thank You so Much :) they work so AWESOME. And My daughter loved them haha. well recommend buying these :D amyxox

Fantastic trade - thanks very much!!! After only two days, we have already gotten SO much use out of them and she is refusing to wear nappies except for sleeps...excellent!!!! rmk129

My daughter is going nuts over these undies! Hopefully it'll give her the boost she needs in her toilet training journey! very cute thanks! saffic

These are just fantastic. Thank you so much. My daughter just loves these training pants. They are very well made and make her feel like a "big girl" while containing any "accidents" so they dont get on the carpet. Thank you so much Jenny :) salesmanager1

Excellent trade, my son love the training pants, the quality of the inside padding is amazing and definitely waterproof and water resistant as I found out with the first accident he had with them on, thanks for the trade I will recommend you to all my friends :) kevinjaye 

The training pants are of an excellent quality and great product. Highly recommended.lemrac76

Brilliant Trader. The training pants are fantastic and our son absolutly LOVES them. "Big boy uhuhnee" Well made and a fantastic idea. The trade was smooth, and items arrived very quickly and well packaged. We highly recommend this product to all!!!!!!!!!! dave_chloe

Fantastic little pants. Beautifully made, and look just like big boys undies. Recommended. Thanks again!! bestteddy

Great trade, excellent service. my boy loves the pants and they work really well, very pleased with them! kgm1

Excellent trade, we are thrilled to bits with these training pants. Close enough to undies that my boy still feels like a big boy but offer enough 'reassurance' to help with discouraging close calls. flossyf

This is my second time ordering these. I save on nappies and there are less accidents. Seller is speedy with emails and delivery. Many thanks and will be back again no doubt. nikidewe

The training pants are brilliant, I am very happy with them. Super fast delivery and over the xmas break too. I am definately recommending you to my friends. thank you drewpea

Fantastic tots training undies! Also prompt communication & delivery. Thankyou :) jaxter19

Pants received, training under way! Going well, undies are working good (and he loves running around in them). Good fast trade, thanks. -sim1-

Such an amazing product! Would fully recommend them to all parents of littlies. Trader was extremely knowledgeable and helpful to get me the right size for my daughter. Felicity

(customer comparing Big Kids pants with another brand)......"By comparison we’ve found your underpants contain one full wee with no leakage at all. You’ve designed a brilliant product and it is no wonder you’ve sold as many pairs as you have!       We know your pants are going to be very useful for us in transitioning our son out of nappies.     They will be particularly useful in the Kindergarten environment.       I will be letting our Nurse Maude advisor know of our differing experiences with the other brand pants and your Big Kids Training pants"

Thank you so much! You've been wonderful to trade with - from fast delivery to your reassuring words/note which made my day, just what i needed to hear when I thought this toilet training business was getting too hard! Your big kids pants are very absorbent (pre-washed them a few times before using as per your instructions) no leaks on the carpet! 

Sooo happy with the big kids training pants. My second purchase & by far the best product of its kind on the market. Quick delivery. Perfect trade- thank you TM wing

Brilliant trade. Fast posting, very friendly trader. Awesome product that is beautifully made and really works! ultraviolet

Best buy ever!! Just what we needed - miss 3.5 years old has been struggling with training for about 6 months. Two weeks of these knickers she has nailed it and is accident free :D great product, great service too. Natalia