Designed by a NZ Mum!

Almost ten years ago I noticed a gap in the training pant market. None of the pants looked or felt like normal undies, and if they did, the legs were too tight or they had no waterproofing! 

Big Kids Training Pants have now been used and appreciated by thousands of parents and caregivers tackling toilet training! 

I'm continually evaluating our pants performance and quality and also work hard on keeping the cost down. 

Here are some of the things I won't compromise on:

Having pants that look and feel like normal undies

Getting as much absorbency into the pants as possible, without compromising drying time, hygiene (thick seams dont wash well) and making the pants feel like a nappy.

Using quality fabrics - waterproofing that does not rustle and tear after repeated washing and absorbent layers that hold moisture well rather than using polyester filling which absorbs minimal wetness and doesn't hold it well. One of the best known brands of Training Pants in NZ uses noisy waterproofing and thin polyester fill. The difference is easy to spot.

Of course the fit of the pants is really important along with the above. Pants come in all different shapes and sizes. Heres a photo of two different brands of pants, both labelled size 2-3 This is why getting some measurements is a great idea. 




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