Night Training Tips

Here are some of our top tips and product recommendations for night training.... at the bottom of the page you'll find some links that are well worth reading before you start night training. 
Brolly Sheets are a 'must have'! 
Fantastic for saving sheets from bedtime drink spills and when kids throw up unexpectedly as well as for toileting accidents

For children who still regularly fill a disposable whilst they are asleep..
Pullups , with full waterproof outer and custom made to your child's measurements. Add as much absorbency as they need. 

For children who are starting to wake when they wet, or are dry more nights than wet ....
Big Kids Shorties  have double the absorbency of our briefs style pants so they give the child some time to respond to wetting and reduce cleanup.

Night training from our perspective
At some stage kids are ready to start waking when they wet at night . Things that can slow this are constipation, stress and poor bladder tone. Drinking plenty of water during the day is really important.
The production of a hormone (ADH) helps them to concentrate their urine and hold on for longer at night. Night dryness is not something that can be trained for in the same way as day training. At the age of 7 there are still a few kids in every class who are still not dry at night. It's important to stress to kids that it is not a matter of intelligence or training but more the fact we are all just made differently that affects timing of night training.
Our five kids became dry at night somewhere between the ages of 3 and 8. The things that really helped everyone to cope with the process was to make the bottom sheets of the bed up twice (so that one layer could be quickly pulled off leaving the next ready to go) and to put them in some kind of reusable training pants so they could feel the wee and to reduce cleanup.
One of our late trainers got to the stage she could change her shorties, and pull the top layer of wet bed sheet off by herself and was very happy to do so as it made her feel like a Big Kid!
Buzzer systems are a popular option when children get to the age they are motivated to become dry and can take some responsibility for the process themselves. These work by having a wetness sensor in the pants which activates a buzzer when the child wets, waking them up (hopefully!) and gradually teaching them to respond before the bladder gets emptied. If you are night training with a buzzer and want some pants with a sensor pocket in, please just contact us.

We've found a real pro when it comes to helping kids stay dry at night – his name is Peter Grise. He's been coaching on bedwetting for years and has a track record of helping hundreds of families just like yours. You can find some really helpful tips and even a free e-book on his website. Plus, he's got some great YouTube videos too. Check it out!