Night Training Info

Big Kids Shorties  are designed to help the transition between night time nappies and normal undies.  
They are a cotton or cotton/ elastane pant with a large waterproof, absorbent pad sewn in at front and back (this means the pad can be flipped out from the middle to assist drying. 
We use shorts style underwear as these lend themselves to a large pad.
These pants have been under trial for a few years now and we believe we have a product that bridges the gap well, helping kids to feel as though they are wearing pants not a nappy, but also helping to reduce cleanup to make the process of night training less stressful for all.
They do not have as much absorbency as a nappy, or a full waterproof outer - otherwise they would feel like a nappy and we wanted them to feel and look like pants. They do hold a decent wee and many people find that they reduce cleanup to the extent they are well worth the investment.
Kids love the fact they are not having to wear nappies and feel more grown up and confident about nighttime toileting.
We've now had a number of parents reporting that their child either started to wake on wetting or have dry nights as soon as they started to wear Big Kids Shorties.
We can help you to select the right size pants , you will just need to provide low waist and  rise measurements and child's weight, age and úsual trouser size. We are happy to customise pants to suit. 
Care of Shorties
These pants can be washed with your normal laundry. They can be soaked, though you need to be aware that excessive soaking will inevitably reduce the life of the fabric.  
It is possible to dry them in the clothes dryer on warm setting.  It is important to make sure they are completely dry before use. Overnight on a heated towel rail or in the hot water cupboard works well to finish the drying process
Will the briefs style pants (day trainers) work for night or should I buy the Shorties?
This depends on the child's needs and how much you want to reduce cleanup.
If the child wakes up as soon as they start to wet , the briefs style day trainers may be good enough. If the child still regularly sleeps through wetting or has a big full disposable then the night pants are the best option.

Our Bedwetting pullups are a newer product and are designed for kids who are still wetting and not waking at night, but who want to get out of disposables. 

Night training from our perspective
At some stage kids are ready to start waking when they wet at night – this is different for all kids and depends on their sleep patterns , urinary tract development and the production of a hormone which helps them to concentrate their urine and hold on for longer at night.
At the age of 7 there are still a few kids in every class who are still not dry at night. It's important to stress to kids that it is not a matter of intelligence or training but more the fact we are all just made differently that affects when they become dry at night.
If your child is having some dry nights, or starts waking when he/she wets it may be worth a try at night training. A wet bed sheet is an essential.  
Our Shorties will  help reduce cleanup by catching a decent size wee, whilst still allowing the child to feel the wetness.
If the child doesn't wake on wetting the wetness may  wick through to the outer of the pants (they are not leakproof like a nappy). 
Our five kids became dry at night somewhere between the ages of 3 and 8. The things that really helped everyone to cope with the process was to make the bottom sheets of the bed up twice (so that one layer could be quickly pulled off leaving the next ready to go) and to put them in Shorties so they could feel the wee and to reduce cleanup.
One of our late trainers got to the stage she could change her shorties, and pull the top layer of wet bed sheet off by herself and was very happy to do so as it made her feel like a Big Kid!