Night Options when they still need a nappy

It can get difficult to manage night wetting ( even with disposables)  as children get older and wet a lot. It’s worth discussing some options.

Leak protection for over disposables that leak….

One simple way to mop up leaks from a disposable pullup at night and save washing sheets is to add a training skort or shorts over the top. We can custom make these to fit your child and in a range of colours. They have a full waterproof outer and a layer of absorbency inside to mop up leaks. 

Pros and Cons of Switching from disposables to reusables at night 

The cons….

- Any cloth version of night absorbency will be bulkier than disposable pullups. Some kids balk at this so worth mentioning!
- The washing and drying is a bit of a chore and sometimes you need to implement particular wash routines to keep the cloth pullups from smelling. (Such as ‘strip washing’ – google this on cloth nappy website)

 The negatives aside, using reusables is what generations before us did and it is totally possible!

 The pros….

- The obvious positives are avoiding nappies in landfill and a cost benefit if your child is going to take a while to train.
- Some children will start to respond to the wet feeling because they can feel it better in a cloth pullup.

(NB Some kids wee when they start waking up in the morning - it’s a habit to do that after wearing disposables for a long time. Would be worth checking whether this is happening as these kids can sometimes be woken earlier and avoid the wet bed altogether)

- I can make pullups in the child’s choice of colours and with side panel print accents or a transfer on the front. So they look more grown up than a nappy even though the bulk is still there.


Reusable Night Options from Big Kids Training Pants

For children wetting through the night (maybe more than once) our Pocket pullups with bamboo and cotton inserts are a good choice because they dry fast and can be thoroughly cleaned. You can add more inserts or take some out as they start to train. 

Our Night Pullups have built in absorbency which is easier in some ways (no pullup prep before using) but they take a long time to dry and can get smelly in older kids as ammonia can build up in the layers and seams - so will need regular strip washing) .  

Both pullups options are custom fitted and made from quality fabrics. We need accurate measurements so that they will be snug at leg and waist to prevent leaking. Leaks can also occur if there is not enough absorbency in the pullup so both of these options can be boosted with extra inserts.

Shorties are the next step down, with a large pad with waterproof backing (but no full waterproof outer). Best suited to the child who is wetting up to 100ml or who has started to wake when they are wetting. 

 Other thoughts

Buzzer systems can be a good option if the child is very motivated to become dry at night . We can add a small sensor pocket to our Pullups  or Shorties  to help this process.
Buzzers work on training the child to sleep lighter and respond to a full bladder, eventually waking before they wet. This can take weeks to months and the child needs to be compliant as its hard for family life if the child chooses to ignore the buzzer and the rest of the house wakes up every night! 

Making the bed up twice and teaching your child to change into a dry pullup and pull the top Brolly sheet off IF they do wake wet at night can help them to feel more responsible and confident about coping. They may not be ready to do this by themselves until they are about 5 -6 years. 

Most children do eventually start to make enough ADH (hormone that concentrates urine overnight so they don’t need to wee) and spontaneously become dry. If this isn’t happening ‘soon enough’ and your child is getting worried about it I would advise a chat with your GP.

Hope this all helps. Please ask any more questions you have!


Useful Tip 

Its helpful to work out how much your child wets overnight to work out whether switching to reusables is a good option. Do this by weighing the dry dis possible and then reweighing it again after the child takes it off in the morning. The difference in grams is the amount in mls that the child is producing. Let us know this info if you’d like to know which Night option is best for your child.