Using reusables at night



Pros and Cons of Switching from disposables to reusables at night 

The cons….

Any cloth replacement for a night nappy will be bulkier than a disposable pullup. The washing and drying is a bit of a chore and sometimes you need to implement particular wash routines to keep the cloth pullups from smelling. (Such as ‘strip washing’ – google this on a cloth nappy website)


The negatives aside, using reusables is what generations before us did and it is totally possible!

The pros….

Its so much better for our environment! 
Cost benefits
Children will start to respond to the wet feeling because they can feel it better in a cloth pullup.

(NB Some kids wee when they start waking up in the morning - it’s a habit to do that after wearing disposables for a long time. Would be worth checking whether this is happening as these kids can sometimes be woken earlier and avoid the wet bed altogether)


Useful Tip

Its helpful to work out how much your child wets overnight to work out whether switching to reusables is a good option. Do this by weighing a full disposable nappy when child takes it off in the morning. Let us know this info if you’d like some help on which inserts to purchase.