Wet Bag


Our Snazzipants wet bags are the practical solution for whatever you used to carry in single-use plastic bags.  Send them to daycare to bring home clothing that has been painted on, been in water play or that has had a wee accident.  

 When you are out and about, have one tucked into your handbag for wee accidents, dirty bibs at the cafe, wet togs, the list is huge.   We also use them whilst travelling as storage for shoes and socks & undies. 

Choose from 

Regular - 30x40cm (with handy loop for hanging on a hook)

Large - 65x40cm  (handle designed to hang over door knob or peg at kindy)

              large just available in Stars and Whales print


NB : This bag is designed to hold damp items, the seams and zip are not sealed