TWO Girls or Boys Night Training Pants (sizes 2 to 8)


Moving from nappies to undies at night? Want a halfway stage to reduce cleanup of bedwetting? Or maybe you are day training and need plenty of absorbency for trips out when changing quickly is hard?

Purchase TWO super comfortable shorts style pant 

Please let us know size required, along with ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ in the  ’Add special instructions for your order’ text box at the bottom of the shopping cart page.

Please note that pants election will be at random from our stock on hand which will be similar to the photos below but not necessarily identical.  Special prints (eg branded ones), will be listed separately as available. We are happy to take requests for favourite colours and will do our best to supply. 

We advise measuring your child to ensure a good fit. If you provide some sizing details and measurements we can custom fit these pants. Our sizing page gives a diagram of how to measure the rise. Please add these details to the text box at checkout.

Pants measurements:

size 2-3 measures : waist 46-54cm, rise 30cm

size 3-4 measures :  waist 48-58cm, rise 32cm

size 4-6 measures :  waist 50-60cm, rise 34cm

size 6-8 measures :  waist 56-64cm, rise 38cm

Sturdier or taller children may need larger rises! Please measure

 Free Shipping NZ wide


These pants have an extra large, absorbent, waterproof pad sewn in at front and back. It flips upwards for faster drying.

Ideal for the last stage of night training when the child is starting to wake on wetting. 

With a print flannel upper layer to the pad, your child will feel any wetness, helping the training process.


Night training with Big Kids Night Pants........
Use of a dry bed sheet i recommended as though these pants hold a decent wee, they do not have a full waterproof outer like a nappy and wetness will wick if the child sleeps through wetting. I used these with my own kids when night training and found them great for giving the child time to wake up and get to the toilet, or for reducing cleanup.

Big Kids Training pants use top quality absorbency and waterproofing so these pants can be washed and dried with your normal load. 

More information can be found on the Night Training Info and Questions page.