Night Pullup size 6-8 - Clearance


Size 6-8  Usually $48, grab a bargain !

Please measure to ensure these will fit your child.

These pants measure :

waist 54-72cm

leg 36-46cm

rise 48cm 


Washable Pullups for the child who is too old for nappies but not quite ready for our Shorties!

Designed for the child who is still not waking consistently at night, these pullups have a full waterproof outer. With a grape microfleece inner lining for comfort, with built in absorbency and an additional grape microfleece topped sewn in booster, your child will be able to feel the wetness, to assist in the journey towards night training. 

These pants have even more absorbency than our night training pants and you can boost them further if you have a really heavy wetter by adding a folded absorbent pad underneath the snap in pad. 

It is important that these pullups fit well so please measure carefully as we cannot exchange or refund.