Big Kids Training Skort


A new incontinence product for us but already tried and tested with great feedback 

‘ works like a dream’

’ if she has fallen asleep I can just slide it up to change her’

’ great over nappies that leak, stops wet bed at night ‘ 


A skort with three layers - a variety of fabrics are available and we will give you a choice once in contact.

An outer of cotton, a hidden waterproof PUL layer and a soft inner absorbent layer of flannel to absorb accidents or leaks. When snapped together the skort will stay in place to catch wetness even when the child moves. 

Ideal for car trips , day naps or overnights 

Size to fit a child between the ages of 2-6 years. Please measure to ensure a good fit. 

waistband 48-70cm

length 40cm 


This garment can be washed with your normal load and tumble dryed or line dryed. 


I can make larger sizes and have more unisex fabrics and more ‘grown up’ fabrics - please just ask via the contact tab