Best value for money?

Best value for money?

There are lots of options on the market and it can be quite overwhelming to find great training pants quickly when you realise that the puddles on the floor (or worse at Grandmas house) make life quite stressful. 

Training pants vary in cost from around $7.50  to over $35 each. In general you pay for what you get but there are some questions that are worth asking when you come to choose.

Is the brand reputable? Are other parents raving about the product or not?

What kind of absorbency is used?  Some brands may look the same but use cheap synthetic fabrics and call them absorbent. Sponge and polyester fleece or polyfill may appear to absorb wee initially but as soon as there is pressure on the pad the fluid will leak out, and they will never hold as much as natural absorbencies such as cotton towelling, bamboo or hemp. Natural fabrics do increase drying time because they hold more fluid, and good brands will address this issue by their design.

Do they have waterproofing? Some have none - So a big wee will definitely hit the floor!   The best kind of waterproofing is noiseless and breathable PUL (polyurethane laminate) rather than PU nylon or PVC which are noisy, tear or wear out quickly when washed.    There are two types of PUL on the market. The quality stuff lasts for over 300 hot washes (In NZ its called 'Greenbeans PUL').

Is there any sizing help offered?  After 6500 pairs fitted we know that both pants and children vary widely. This fit can affect how the pants do their job. Legs that don't fit well are either uncomfortable or leak. Brands which fit pants using age, weight ,height or pants size alone are going to end up the wrong fit in around 20% of children. 

What kind of customer service is offered? Is there a person who cares about you as a customer on the other end of the email or message? Can they answer your questions and are they honest and open?

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